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who rose to the occasion during the terrible storm. aj? >> today, governor chris christie showed off his newly slimmed down body on !0 theçó morning shows. ther he has lost but only revealing he is more thanok halfway to hi goal weight. his next goal could be a run to the white house inç2016. >>> still ahead, another weight loss war, this biggest loserxd star ruben studdard's last chance to save his life? >> i don't want to die. >>> up next, lady gaga'sc body image confession to a fan.e1 >>> and it's time to play -- >> what is gaga wearing? has people asking if she is plumped her pout? "extra's" gossip girl knows. >>> plus, nicole kidman's stunning new revelations about her stunning marriage to tom cruise, coming up. >>> "extra" broughtÑi to you by mcdonald's. i'm loving it! 4!o7 for comparisonÄn kwosbourne. gaga bashed each3:0béláho/+i)fne buried the >> cut the camera off. >> the race to help ruben drop 200 pounds or else. >>> plus, eva longoria, katie holmes and jennifer lawrence, three star styles for winter recreated, all for under 100 bucks, next. >>> and online now, "g
and possible 2016 republican presidential candidate, chris christie. >> as much as he and i may have lots of things not in common, recely, he is losing weight, i'm gaining weight. but the fact is we found ways to come over the differences that we have. >> one of booker's last duties before going to washington, being honored for his work on education by the folks at charity pencils of promise. >> here we have an organization affecting thousands and thousands of children. >> his next duty, perhaps a pickup game with the president. >> i had that call befor and i didn't do it. because look at this i play different style of basketball. >> i'm stopping the interview on that one. >> theecret service would have me on the ground, handcuffed, i knock the president over, like the heat of battle. i respect the president. i don't want to take the president out. >> as the rookie senator from new jersey, well played, sir. well played. >> and aj, you are on a roll man. you also just interview ready president obama's private chef, right? >> the rock star chef of chicago who cooks exclusively for the first
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2